Dao is a decentralized autonomous organization. Something like a company with no boss and complete transparency. No single person alone can make decisions for the rest.

If there is no boss it must be chaos

You might be wondering? How to make a decision if none has the final word. There is always some way of consensus established and ppl can vote for the option they prefer.
Every decision is public, votes are visible online and the voting story is persistent. Moreover, the document with statements to vote on is stored on IPFS. public poll example

Best Learning Experience

The Dao I belong to is called Developer_Dao. It gathers together under one decentralized roof ppl from around the world that have several things in common: values we all agree on (and even vote for) and the learning attitude. As all of us want the same thing there are plenty of resources being posted, aggregated on easy-to-navigate lists and even created by folks from the organization. Not only the content is of high quality but also it is being discussed from several angles.

Great projects ideas

There are different discussion spaces where people challenge their ideas. It is great to be able to get first feedback from folks before committing the first line of code or making any investment. Moreover, there are technical people who had experience in various industries and can easily advise on the feasibility of your idea. It is like you pay a bunch of consultants from different areas and ask them for opinions on your idea with the difference that you do not pay for this but just ask.

True networking

There is no better place to build a network of professionals around you than people that are interested in the same stuff. And it is exactly the case in many DAOs. Today those people are just learning new stuff and getting to know each other. But in the future, the list of contacts and those little e-friendships can transform into something valuable like it can help you find a business partner, investor for a startup, or a specialist from a niche you cannot find on LinkedIn. Not to mention that this space is free from

I have been promoted

bragging posts, and new years resolutions of people you do not know. All those achievements from the centralized world simply do not matter in a DAO.


There are various ways you may earn money by being in the DAO.

Considering I've minted it for a couple of dollars it is the easiest $ I've ever made
  • You may just earn on selling the entrance token higher than you've bought/minted
  • You may find a side gig on making any work for the DAO and get income in DAO founded ERC-20 token. And it not necessarily needs to be technical there are plenty of gigs in marketing, content creation, design, explainer video recording, administration and even legal consultancy
  • You may be active in polls and participate in a meeting that can let you gain a token of potential future worth (proofs of participation and voting give additional tokens that leverage your future voting power and by this represent worth)