Coding challenge - making PoC of play to earn platform based on blockchain technology.

Graphical representation of the concept


1. Introduction, goals and roadmap

Upgradeable NFT - introduction
Buy game items represented by NFT tokens, use them in a game world, and come back to the market to benefit from its improved properties.

2. Game item as NFT, smart-contract, minting verifying

Game items as NFTs
Game items can be easily represented with the use of NFTs. NFT enables many games to become play-to-earn platforms. One such concept is achievable by allowing players to trade game goods on open markets.

3. Assigning data to NFT, storage on ipfs

Assigning data to NFT tokens
How are metadata linked to nft token? sIs it possible to present game-related attributes on opensea website? Find out now.

4. Architecture of off-chain originated change in hybrid like app

Concept of changing token’s on-chain attributes
Designing change flow in hybrid application. Allowing two parties to share responsibility of change in such a way that one of them is giving permission to proceed with change and the other is executing it or revoking

5. Signing and verification of transaction params with EIP-712 involved

Signing transactions with EIP-712
Signing blockchain message off-chain with use of EIP-712 change