I’ve been using hardhat since my first lines of code in solidity. I remember being impressed by how easy it is to start for a JS developer. The vast majority of tools supporting smart contracts development are supposed to be operated in a javascript ecosystem. This makes it tremendously smooth for every JS developer to dive in.

  • You already write unit tests in JS. Same you do in hardhat for your smart contracts.
  • You already code web applications frontend, this is equally important for web3 dApps

But this is not all.

However, the best single thing in web3 world, I want to mention rn is how great the integration of remix and hardhat is. The screencast below shows how smooth it is to start sharing files from the local environment to remix browser ide. It enables the quickest way for fast prototyping. One can just use the smart-contract autogenerated interface in remix ide to click through the functions and test how things are working. All buttons and input fields corresponding to public functions you have just coded are there and there is no better way to make a quick test and see how things are working

This, of course, is no excuse for not writing unit tests or making all the necessary sanity checks and audits but nevertheless, it makes our work super smooth especially in all cases when we are just testing some crazy ideas or having fun.