There are various use cases for tokens.
They seem to be about fancy and pricey pics right now. But they do have another face. Being a utility/tool. In most cases, the utility side work in such a way that someone having the token can do something that others can’t. In many of the cases below the utility can be called token - gating meaning that the presence of a token as proof of possession guards access to content or functionality. Below I keep a list of domains in which tokens especially non-fungible tokens bring new things to the table.

Token protected pages:

The page that is protected can be various things it can be:

  • valuable content created by an expert- here experts thanks to the expertise gathers some community of folks interested in a specific topic
  • some super interesting things related to some celebrity that is released explicitly to the exclusive fans community

List of token-gated solutions projects:

Time scheduling

Here it is about monetising time or allowing the only specific group to schedule events

  • Only members with the token can book time with someone
  • Only users with tokens can book time and pay for the time with this token

List of time scheduling projects:


Having a token can increase sales or interest in a brand by smart use of regulating access to some demanded products.

  • It can have various flavors either can be about discounts
  • or about the general availability of some products only for those with token


Like tokens proving membership in some club with all the current and future perks. JRNY CLUB

In-game assets

NFT representation of loot, characters, or anything that can be used in a game: Matrix from nifty's (in-game characters) Sandbox cooperation with (game characters)

Staking earning/chance of earning while staking