Over the next few posts, I will focus on developing a mini-project. It is supposed to deliver a solution to buy & upgrade & sell game items via NFT tokens. As such, I will develop an "upgradable NFT" smart contract.

trading game items represented by NFT token in blockchain


The project is supposed to be a personal challenge. It is testing my consistency over time in a new field that I haven't worked with so far. Each and every requirement is strictly theoretical at this stage, meaning that I think some concepts will be crucial however it can happen to be otherwise.

Completion Criteria

  1. There will be a smart contract deployed to a test network available to everyone interested
  2. There will be a minting function allowing to create of a token that represents a game item
  3. Each token will be compatible with opensea.io marketplace so one can trade it
  4. There will be a simulation of attributes change in a game world such that after some time spent in a game or killing some number of monsters the item gains exp and is more valuable on the market
  5. Once a user decides to trade the item new attributes can be transferred to the blockchain network and the token can be traded with higher value thanks to its new attributes.


These skills that I don't yet have will be crucial on the way.